The RP Committee manages and supports both the Society-level fundraising and Chapter-level fundraising of the RP Campaign. Traditionally supporting just research, the RP Campaign was expanded 10 years ago to include support of Education & ALI, Endowed Research through ASHRAE Foundation, YEA programs, ASHRAE Scholarships, and the General/Unrestricted fund. Research, the backbone of ASHRAE, remains the primary fund of the program with over $1.9 million raised for this program annually.

What is the ASHRAE Research Program?

The program that governors more than 80 investigative projects taking place around the world
and funded by ASHRAE. It is supported by more than 100 member-led Technical Committees
(TCs), each with their own specialty and sub-specialty.

How are the projects selected?

A TC identifies a need – such as missing information, new ideas or processes to be examined,
out-dated information – sets a goal, and outlines a project to meet that need and goal. the
Research Administration Committee (RAC) approves the proposed project. It then goes out to
‘bid’, ensuring that ASHRAE’s financial resources are spent wisely and the final product will
meet all stated goals.

How much is spent on Research?

With more than 80 projects taking place at any one time, the average Research Budget
typically exceeds $17 million, each project costing an average of $250,000 each. In reality, there
is a wide range of costs for projects. Grants-in-Aid – projects being conducted by Graduate level
students – have a cost of $10,000. There are also multiple research projects that – over the 3-5
year life of the project – cost over $1 million.

Where can I find specific information about a project?

Check out . You can also ask the RP Staff, they’ll be happy to help
answer your questions or direct you to another staff member who specializes in that area.